Lammermuir Festival 2019 Opening Hours

We have extended our opening hours into the evening during the Lammermuir Festival.

Friday 13th to Sunday 22nd September*

Breakfast: 9 am - 11.30 am
Day Menu: 12 noon - 3.30 pm & 5 pm - 9 pm

* Note: Closed Mondays & Tuesdays. Closing 5 pm on Sunday 15th & Wednesday 18th.


At this time of year, the vineyards in Swabia, the area of Germany near Stuttgart where Falko was born, hold a Besenwirtschaft – literally translated as Broom-Pub.

A Besenwirtschaft is a temporary pub setup by the vintner, often in their own home, to sell their wine and local homecooked food. By law they are only allowed to open for a limited number of days per year and signify this by hanging a broomstick outside.

In honour of the vineyards of Falko’s hometown, we present our Besenwirtschaft Menu of regional dishes typically served at these events.

Besenwirtschaft Day Menu

Butterbrezel £3,50
Pretzel with butter
Gulaschsuppe £6,80
Beef goulash soup served with bread
Zwiebelkuchen £5,60
Onion tart served with salad
Wurstsalat £8,50
A salad of strips of pork meatloaf, emmental cheese, gherkins, served with bread
Maultaschen £9,50
Pasta-style dough filled with pork & beef mince and spinach, served with roast onion sauce on sauerkraut
Käsespätƶle £10,90
Homemade noodles with fried onions, lardons and Raclette cheese
Schnitzel £10,90
Pork or chicken Schnitƶel with handcut fries and either a creamy sauce or mushroom Jäger sauce
Linsen & Spätƶle mit Wiener Würstchen £10,90
Brown lentils, homemade noodles with Vienna sausages
Gemischter Salat £7,90
Mixed salad with boiled egg, served with bread
Landjäger mit Senf & Brot £5,90
A pair of Landjäger semi-dried beef & pork sausages, served with bread and German mustard